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10 Things Only a German Shorthaired Pointer Owner Can Understand


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The German shorthaired pointer is one of the most adorable dogs you’re going to meet. It’s popular, it’s friendly and it’s intelligent. And it’s the kind of dog that keeps you on your toes and manages to induct you into a club that you never knew existed. The GSP club is very particular. You have to own one to join but when you’re part of the club, you will know it. You will know it because you will understand things that no other human being on earth understands. You will understand what it means to see a dog looking like a starfish or how important dog toys are to the safety of your own belongings. There are some things you will only understand if you are part of the GSP club. It’s like an inside joke for only the coolest of people (GSP owners).

1#They will Always Win in a Staring Contest

When this breed wants something, it will make sure you know that it wants something. It will stare you down. You must have a firm stance and a belief that you can ignore what this dog wants if you expect to do anything that involves saying no or denying this dog anything. It’s like that kid that won’t stop staring, following you around the house just staring. Quietly. Not making any noises. Just staring. It’s adorable in a very creepy and kind of scary manner. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

2#Supermodels they Are:

These are dogs that rock anything you put on them. Scour the internet for photos of this breed and you will find them in sunglasses, ties, shirts, sweaters, ugly Christmas apparel and so much more. It’s actually one of the best things you will ever see. These are stylish dogs that were positively born for runway work. Someone in the design industry should really consider what this could mean for them if they did hire a few GSPs as models. It would be quite the entertaining fashion show.

3#They Fit Everywhere:

This breed does not understand that it’s larger than a puppy. It’s going to make it a point to fit anywhere and everywhere that it can. It’s a dog that likes to sit in between you on the couch when there is only an inch of space. It’s the kind of dog that will fit in the middle of a two seat convertible with two people already in it, groceries and three lawn chairs you decided to pick up at the last moment – because you might have driven a bigger car otherwise. The point is, this dog is going to be there. It will find a way to fit any and everywhere.

4#They do it all and they Love It:

These dogs should be renamed. German shorthaired pointer does not seem like an adequate name for this dog. In fact, the name of this dog should be Jack, for Jack of all trades. It does it all. And the best part is that it actually likes doing it all. It enjoys the daily grind of work and talent and all that implies. This is a dog with skills that likes what it does.

5#That’s a Tail and He is Happy to See You:

Oh, yes. When your GSP is happy to see you, you will know. His little tail will point straight in the air and turn into something almost inappropriate according to the jokes of others. But we think you will really love what is happening. It’s one of the most fun things you’ll notice about this dog. When he’s joyful and exuberant, his little tail is going to stick straight into the air for everyone to see.

6#Sleep has Never Looked So Strange:

When your GSP sleeps, you will be astounded at the positions this dog can maneuver. In fact, you’re going to stare; a lot. You’re not going to understand how this dog can do what it does and actually get a wink of sleep otherwise. This is a dog that has the ability to curl up into a ball smaller than the one you play catch with and fall fast asleep for hours. It also has the ability to fall asleep splayed on its back with its legs in the air in every which direction. It’s absolutely fascinating.

7#You Have to Love to Wear Dog Hair:

Some people say, I’ll only wear white so that my white dog’s hair doesn’t show up on me. Other people do the same with black. You will never be able to do the same with either. Even if your dog has only 3 black hairs, you will find them everywhere. It’s just how life with a GSP goes, and there is nothing you can really do about that.

8#Food Food Food Food Food:

The GSP knows when it’s time to eat. I mean, it knows. It does not miss a meal. It does not allow you to miss a meal. If you think for a second that his dinner is coming even 30 seconds late, he will remind you – nicely – that you’ve dropped the ball and he’s disappointed. Just don’t forget meal time, okay?

9#They Love a Mouth Full:

If you own a dog of this nature, you know you have to invest in a lot of dog toys. Otherwise, you’re going to find that your shoes go missing, your pillows become chew toys and your own personal items are just plain and simply not yours anymore. These dogs love to have something in their mouths at all times, and it’s going to be a much happier household if what they have in their mouth is theirs and not yours.

10#They Make Really Cute Puppies:

There is a chance that the German shorthaired pointer makes the world’s most adorable and sweetest puppies. We don’t say that lightly, either. These are pups so adorable that you won’t be able to ignore the fact that they are, in fact, sweet as can be.


  1. I had Rufus for 71/2 yrs and he was(is) the funniest,most stubborn and most loyal,loving dog(friend) I think I ever I’ve ever had the chance to be in life of. i sure miss you Rufus. Rest well my son.

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