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16 things you know if you own a Boxer dog


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The Boxer Dog is a stunning looking animal; sleek and powerful with a noble stance and a brilliant choice for any family.

Oh, who am I kidding?

Yes, all of the above is true. But these silly, soppy hounds are also snoring, grunting, drooling doggos who are needy and rambunctious.

They’re natural comics who love to clown around, but – strangers beware – your great big goofy baby turns into an alert watchdog hellbent on protecting your space if anyone should enter it.

They need plenty of play time, love and attention, but your rewards for living with a Boxer are great.

1# The cutest puppies ever

Boxer puppers are soft, rounded and silky to the touch, with huge floppy ears and expressive eyes.

They are absolutely adorable.

But check out those massive paws. Yep, they’re going to grow big, and quickly.

2# The Terrible Twos

The adorable silky pup gives way to an outsized, lairy lager lout.

Suddenly large, long-legged and boisterous, your junior boxer has all the energy.

3# Distinctive looks

From that really deep chest to the boxy head, you can spot a Boxer a mile off.

They sport ‘face masks’ of a different colour to the rest of their coats (like furry super heroes), and sometimes a white line between the eyes.

And they usually wear matching socks.

Oh, and their thick strong tails are like whips; watch the kids and your ornaments.

4# Comedy shovel faces

Stand under a Boxer and that square head with long jowls look takes on the shape of a shovel.

And if they lie on their backs, they just become one big head made of floppy pink lips.

5# Not boxers

No, the clue isn’t in the name.

They don’t box and they’re not natural fighters, despite their muscular and powerful looks.

6# But bouncers

So they may not box like a kangaroo but they sure do bounce like one.

These dogs can reach great heights using their springy legs and they love to jump about for any reason.

7# Playful

Boxers love a game.

And they’ll invite you to play with them by bowing down in front of you.

Accept the invitation and throw a ball for them, you’ll be playmates forever.

8# Easily bored

But all that playful bounce and energy can turn destructive if they’re left to their own devices.

These dogs are the absolute worst when it comes to chewing your shoes, hairbrushes and chair legs.

Mine once ate a whole three-seater leather sofa.

Make sure you put those powerful jaws to better use.

9# Talkative

While not snappy or barky dogs, the boxer loves a chat and to sing. They’ll often yawn and howl (yawl?) at you, followed up with a big ‘harumph’.

And they listen back when you talk to them.

10# Attention Seekers

These needy hounds like to know where their humans are and will do their level best to be equidistant to everyone they love.

They’ll round you up into a herd if they could and lie on you to keep you safe and within view.

11# Neighbourhood Watch

And they love and want to protect you so much they’ll annoy you with their nosy and noisy behaviour as they scope out anyone who dares enter their domain.

These dogs are curtain twitchers with no time for delivery drivers.

12# The curious head tilt

No dog does it better!

13# Loyal and honest

While some dogs can be a little manipulative, stubborn and self-serving (I see you English bulldogs), the boxer has no agenda – they’re completely open.

14# Brave and headstrong

They’re first in line to see who is at the door and willing to help out, but so wilful that if they want to get on your lap or sleep on your bed, that is what is going to happen.

A boxer dog will wedge himself between two very close humans with no problem at all.

15# Silver foxes

Those distinctive masks turn a distinguished grey as your Boxer ages.

16# Forever puppies

But no matter how old and grey your boxer gets, they’ll be a puppy inside forever.

Still wanting to jump, romp and chat with you, there’s no growing older gracefully for these charming chaps.

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