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7 Cutest Long Haired Cat Breeds


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Looking for a nice cat to adopt as for a furry friend around the home? You may be surprised to know that there are hundreds of cat breeds out there.

Not only are there specific breeds, but they are also categorized by their length of hair and size! You can find both short and longhair cat breeds around the world, all differing by the country or family they are from.

Longhair cat breeds are one of the most cutest and furriest of all cat families, and that’s because of their sleek fur!

Are you thinking about owning a longhair cat for you or your family? Then read on as we show you the top longhair cat breeds you’ll love, as well as how you should take care of one.

What is a Long Hair Cat?

Like mentioned, domestic longhaired cats are cats of mixed ancestry, not belonging to a specific breed. They are sort of like a category of cats who possess a long (or semi-long) coat of fur, with one out of ten in the 90 million cats from the US alone being part of this family. That’s 9 million longhaired cats!

The cat’s hair is what makes them look elegant and rugged, and they have been existing for as long as the 16th century, where the first longhaired cats were imported from the East to European countries.

Today, you can find a lot of longhaired cats that come in any cat color, such as tabby cat breeds, smoke, bicolored, or even tortoiseshell. Their fur can grow up to six inches long, which is very long and cannot be managed by the feline alone. Meaning, their pet owners will need to groom it regularly in order for them to stay healthy and free from mess or tangles!

You won’t need to worry about their genes, as they are not known to have genetically inherited problems. You can find longhaired cats from reputable pet stores, who are usually pedigreed and purebred, or in your local adoption agency and animal shelter, which are usually mixed-breed cats.

The Best Longhair Cat Breeds

While there are tons of longhair cat breeds around the world, here are ten of the cutest and most popular longhair cat breeds you can find today:

7. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is one of the most unique cats known for their personality that resembles a rag doll. They are social and LOVE being picked up and will usually go limp when carried. Their coats are one of the softest, with rabbit-like texture. They also don’t shed as much as other cats.

6. Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a strong and solid coat ready for the Scandinavian winters! Their coats are water-resistant, though not as long as other longhaired cat breeds.

Just like the other longhaired cat breeds, they are social and love family environment.

5. Maine Coon

This breed is one of the largest cat breeds with elegant and thick coats. Their thick coats make them look larger than what they really look! Plus, their water-resistant coats are great for cold and wet weather.

They are outgoing cats, known to be gentle giants in the feline world.

4. Himalayan

The Himalayan is a crossbreed of Persian and Siamese cats, which is why they have the long fur of a Persian, but the colors and face of a Siamese. They are very intelligent and social, with thick and heavy coats. They are also outgoing and best when with other people or animals.

3. British Longhair

Similar to the British Shorthair (but obviously, with longer hair), this breed has thick and lustrous coats. What we love about the British Longhair would be its easygoingness and love for family. BUT, they don’t like being carried around, nor do they like too much attention!

2. Birman

Situated in Burma, this longhair and color pointed cat is known to be the Sacred Cat of Burma! They have soft and silky fur, but have NO undercoat, making them less prone to mats. These are a great longhaired cat breed to maintain because of its lack of undercoat.

The Birman is very outgoing, known to be vocal with what they want.

1. Persian

This is one of the most popular pedigreed cat in the United States, known for their gorgeous and silky coats. Their fur is soft to touch and very shiny. It can be described as cotton like! You can find Persian cats in many colors and textures.

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