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7 Tips for Managing Your Australian Shepherds Shedding


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Keep in mind, these tips don’t guarantee an allergy-free home with your Australian Shepherd. And even if you’re not allergic to dogs, these tips are great hygiene tips for a cleaner home.

1. Keep Your Australian Shepherd Outside

This is obviously not something you can do in blazing cold weather, as Australian Shepherds aren’t suitable for blizzard-like conditions. However, if you live somewhere like Los Angeles or even Texas, this can be a great way for reducing allergens in the house.

If your Aussie sheds outside, then the dander gets released outside. With a light breeze and those allergens will be long gone!

2. No Rugs or Carpets

As mentioned, dander (along with fur) likes to collect on carpets and rugs. And if you don’t do anything about it, you can be experiencing some terrible allergies. The best solution is to remove all rugs and carpets. But unfortunately, removing carpet just isn’t a cost-effective solution for most people.

If you plan to keep your Australian Shepherd in the house, there are other solutions. A house with both carpet and other materials (wood, marble, etc.) would be best. You can keep your dog in the area of the house that does not have carpet. Keep in mind, if this non-carpeted space is small, you’ll need to frequently take them out to exercise.

3. Allergy Medication

Although I wouldn’t recommend constantly being on medication for the sake of dog allergies, there may be times when it’ll help a lot. For example, during spring season when your Australian Shepherd starts to heavily shed. Or if it’s just one of those weeks when your sinuses are experiencing sensory overload, medication makes sense.

Before you go out and buy allergy medication, always consult with your physician or doctor. Let them know this is primarily for dog allergies and they’ll be able to make helpful recommendations. Not all medications may work well, so professional consultation is extremely important.

4. Wash Clothes Often

If you’ve ever experienced owning a shedding dog, then you already know fur is everywhere. The moment you cuddle up with your dog, you know your clothes are already plastered with fur. And where there is dog fur, there is dander.

5. Install HEPA Filters

Install HEPA filters throughout your home, and keep dust-catching furnishings such as curtains and rugs to a minimum. Clean often and thoroughly to remove dust and dander, and wash furniture covers, curtains and other cloth items as often as possible. Buy a HEPA vacuum cleaner with a micro filter bag to catch all of the allergens.

6. Be Patient With Your Aussie

After speaking with several dog owners who experience allergic reactions to dog dander, i’ve realized one thing. They all claim that the allergies have gotten better over time. After being constantly exposed to the allergens, it’s not a surprise the human body will become desensitized to it. In other words, your body will get used to your Aussie’s dander/allergens.

We are by no means medical professionals. These are just the experiences of real owners with real dogs. With a little patience and time, your allergies can improve – but there is no guarantee.

7. Groom Often

The last obvious seems the most obvious but is probably the most effective: groom your Aussie as often as possible. Remove the dander before it gets a chance to circulate in the air.

However, keep in mind that when you’re brushing the fur off the coat, dander will fly. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take your Aussie outside when you’re grooming. Or if you have the time and budget, take them to a groomers. However, we don’t suggest this given how often you have to brush your Aussie.

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