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A Dobermann is often described as being alert, bold and proud


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A Dobermann is often described as being alert, bold and proud while at the same time being extremely loyal, devoted and affectionate. They are highly intelligent with the downside being that because they are so smart, they can be quite manipulative with it. With this said, Dobermanns are calm and friendly forming strong bonds with their owners. They need to be handled and treated with the sort of respect they deserve and never treated harshly. When these dogs are shown time, patience and a lot of kindness, owners are rewarded with a reliable canine companion. In short, in the right hands and environment, a Dobermann is a trustworthy family pet and companion.

As such, Dobermanns are a good choice for families providing they know how to train and handle these intelligent dogs and have enough time to dedicate to an intelligent canine companion. In the wrong hands and without the right guidance, a Dobermann can become willful, unruly and unmanageable. With this said, if they are given the right sort of direction and are well socialized from a young age which is vital where this breed is concerned, they become valued members of a family and get very attached to older children in a household. As previously mentioned, Dobies are renowned for their natural ability to protect and guard which they will do as soon as they settle into a new home. They do tend to become very protective of any children in a household which can be a problem when anyone visits the home.

Dobermanns need to know their place in the pack and who is the alpha dog for them to be truly well-rounded characters which is why it’s so important for these dogs to be well socialized and correctly trained not only when young, but throughout their lives. Without consistent training Dobies have a tendency to show a more dominant side to their character. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Dobermanns tend to form a very strong bond with one person although they are always friendly with other members of the family.

With this said, they are known to be quite wary of strangers which are a natural reaction for a dog that was originally bred to guard people and protect their property. Dobermanns do not do well being kept as “outdoor” dogs because they thrive on human company and being around the people they love. In short, they are known to like their “home comforts”. Over recent years more responsible Dobermann breeders take great care to temperament test their stud dogs as well as puppies they breed to ensure they are well-suited companions and family pets.

Are they a good choice for first-time owners?

Dobermanns are not the best choice for first-time owners because they need to be handled and trained by people who are familiar with their very specific needs. Because they are so intelligent, if a Dobermann is not handled correctly from the word go, they could take on the role of “alpha” dog in a household making them harder to manage and live with.

What about prey drive?

Dobermanns have a high prey drive and they enjoy chasing smaller animals whenever they get the chance. As such, dogs should be kept on leads wherever there are other animals, wildlife and livestock to be on the safe side.  Introductions to smaller pets including dogs and cats should always be done carefully to avoid any mishaps.

What about playfulness?

Dobermanns are known to have a sense of humor and they thrive on playing interactive games. However, they can be a bit pushy and demanding more especially if they have not been taught the “ground rules” from an early age so they understand the limits of how far they can go when playing any sort of game with their owners. It is also crucial to differentiate between when a Dobie is being playful and when they are showing a more dominant side to their natures.

What about adaptability?

Dobermanns are just as happy living in town as they are in the country, providing they are given the correct amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom from setting in. They are not the best choice for people who live in apartments though and are better suited to households with secure, large gardens where a dog can roam as often as possible which allows them to really express themselves as they should.

What about separation anxiety?

Dobermanns form extremely strong ties with their owners and hate it when they are not around which can lead to dogs suffering from separation anxiety. This can become a real issue with dogs developing all sorts of behavioral issues and this includes being destructive around the home and barking incessantly as a way of showing their displeasure. As such, they are better suited to households where one person stays at home when everyone else is out. It would be a fair description to say that a Dobermann is an “in your face” kind of dog that just adores spending time with their owners.

What about excessive barking?

Dobermanns are not known to be “barkers” although they are extremely good at letting owners know when there are strangers about. With this said, any dog that’s mistreated, left on their own for too long or stressed out would bark as a way of showing how unhappy they are at the situation.

Do Dobermanns like water?

Some Dobermanns don’t especially like water and some don’t even like going out for a walk when it is raining. However, other Dobermanns adore swimming and can even be taught to retrieve things that are thrown in the water. With this said, it’s best to keep a dog that loves swimming on the lead when walking them anywhere near more dangerous watercourses just in case they decide to leap in. Dogs that don’t like water should never be forced to go in because it would just end up frightening them even more.

Are Dobermanns good watchdogs?

Dobermanns are inherent watchdogs which are a trait that is deeply embedded in a dog’s psyche having been bred for decades to protect and guard.

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