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Appearance of Birman Cat


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Birmans are medium to large in size and boast having powerful, strong bodies and lovely gentle expression in their eyes. Birman kittens are born white and only start developing their colour points when they are around a week old if they are going to be a darker colour. If their points are going to be a lighter colour like lilac, then kittens only start to develop them when they are around 2 weeks old. However, it’s worth noting that it takes 2 years before a Birman develops their full adult colours.

They have medium-length coats which boast having the same point patterns as that of the Siamese. In short, they have darker hair on their faces, ears, legs and on their tails than on the rest of their bodies. They have broad, rounded heads, bright blue eyes and medium-size ears set nicely spaced apart. The moderately long noses that boast having a slight dip when seen in profile. They have well-developed chins and nice full cheeks. Their bodies are long, well-boned and large with cats having a medium length, thickly set legs and short, strong paws. Tails are nice and bushy, yet well in proportion with the rest of the body which adds to their overall well-balanced appearance.

When it comes to their coats, Birmans can be found in 20 colours. They have long, silky hair that’s soft to the touch and cats have a full ruff around their necks and the hair on their bellies is a little curled. All Birmans boast having white paws which are a lovely characteristic of the breed. The white on a cat’s hind paws extends further up their legs to the point of a cat’s hock. The different colour points are as follows:

Solid Point Birmans

  • Seal Point
  • Blue Point
  • Chocolate Point
  • Lilac Point
  • Red Point
  • Cream Point

Tortie Point Birmans

  • Seal Tortie Point
  • Blue Tortie
  • Chocolate Tortie
  • Lilac Tortie Point

Tabby Point Birmans

  • Seal Tabby
  • Blue Tabby Point
  • Chocolate Tabby Point
  • Lilac Tabby Point
  • Red Tabby Point
  • Cream Tabby Point

Tortie Tabby Point Birmans

  • Blue Tortie Tabby Point
  • Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point
  • Lilac Tortie Tabby Point

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