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Are Siberian Cats Hypoallergenic?


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No cat is Allergy Free, but Siberian cats are known to trigger less allergic reactions than most other breeds. Actually, Siberian Cats could be considered truly hypoallergenic. The definition of hypoallergenic is having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction. And these cats certainly have a decreased tendency versus other breeds.

So, are Siberian cats hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, there is really no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic or allergy-free cat. But, many cat allergy sufferers are not having any issues with Siberians.

Check out these stories…

“I have the worst cat allergies. I get migraines and severe sinus problems. My neighbor brought his cat into my apt and I freaked! “Please take him out!” I screamed. Then he told me that his cat was Siberian. I doubted him. But, I picked up the cat anyway and held him close to my face with NO reaction! What a wonderful surprise! I am getting one in a few weeks…”
“I have always had terrible cat allergies! But, hypoallergenic cats are a wonderful miracle! I would have never believed it! However, now I have 3 Siberians. And I am not allergic!!”
“I have a friend who is deathly allergic to cats and has had Siberians all her life, with no problem.”

How Hypoallergenic Are Siberian Cats?

Hypoallergenic really means that the cats are LESS LIKELY to give you an allergic reaction. The truth is each Siberian is different and each person with allergies is different.
Some breeders claim that as much as 75 percent of cat allergy sufferers have no or little reaction to the Siberian Breed.

Why are some people allergic to Siberian cats and not others?

Individual cats will vary in how much Fl d1 they produce. There are actually 4 proteins that may cause a reaction. Fl d1 is the most problematic.
At this time no cat is 100% allergy-free!
Always spend time with a potential Siberian adoptee! Decide for yourself it a particular cat works with your particular allergy. You may find that you are fine with one Siberian and not with another. Spending time with a kitten’s parents will help you determine what it may be like once it grows up.

Are Siberian cat mixes hypoallergenic

There are many breeders who are attempting to cross-breed Siberians with other breeds to make a more hypoallergenic version.
As you now know from research it is impossible to know how the results will turn out. The only way to be sure is to test yourself with the actual cat and her parents.
Siberian Siamese mixes called Neva Masquerade are not true Siberians. However, the Siamese are considered Hypoallergenic as well. Tests have shown that these gray cats are surprisingly less hypoallergenic. So, be careful and spend time with the cat. A true Siberian will not have a Siamese like coloring.

Is a Siberian kitten more hypoallergenic than an adult?

Actually yes, getting a kitten is what we recommend for allergy sufferers. The kittens have less allergen and you have time for your body to adapt before they become adults. Allergies are odd and people can often build up a tolerance.

Latest Siberian Allergy test findings

A large amount of research has been done specifically on Siberian Cats. Specific tests have been developed to isolate the allergy-causing protein known as Fel d1.
The bottom line, roughly 50% of Siberians were found to have low levels of Fel d1. And around 15% were found to have very low levels. These particular Siberians could be placed with families who have severe reactions to cats.
They also discovered that silver or smoke colored Siberians had higher levels of the protein. So, avoiding these colors would be wise. Also, females and males who have been neutered show less of the protein.
Check out all the research… Are Siberian Cats Hypoallergenic?
Despite these tests according to most Breeders, Approximately 95% of the people that come out to test themselves with an actual Siberian have little or no reaction.
If you are considering this, It is best to test with the actual Siberian that you are getting. Or with the parents of the kitten

What can be done?

There are ways for people with allergies to live with cats. Both allergy medication and cleaning will help. I take allergy shots and they work for me and I’m exposed to cats on a daily basis.

Should I Get A Siberian Fur sample or Visit A Siberian Breeder

Don’t try to judge a cat by its fur sample. The fur itself is not the source of your allergy. I would suggest that you try several breeders near you. See if you or your family have any allergic symptoms when you visit. Keep your visits a week or two apart so there is time to recover between the cats.
“I was allergic to cats and thought I could never have one, ever! Then, I was introduced to my Siberian kitten. I have had her now for nine years! Neither I and Not one guest in my house has ever had an allergic reaction. I suspect she produces a very low amount of the allergen. I started the cat allergy shots shortly after bringing her home. I insisted on having her included as part of my immunotherapy. A year later, I was able to volunteer in a cat rescue facility with fifty cats! No allergies! This might work for you too!!”

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