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Balinese Cat Breed


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The Balinese is a very elegant, fine boned cat and one that moves very gracefully. They have fine, medium to long, silky hair but no undercoat which in short, means their coats are less likely to tangle and matt. They are well balanced cats that boast having incredibly blue eyes that always have an alert, keen and kind expression in them.

The Balinese has a long, nicely proportioned head with a good width between their ears and which narrows evenly to a fine muzzle. When seen in profile their muzzle appears straight. They have a strong chin and nice level bite. Ears are on the large size being wider at the base, rather wedge-shaped with some cats having tufted ears. Their eyes are nicely oriental in shape with a good width between them and slanting towards a cat’s nose. They are a brilliant blue colour and the darker the blue the better. They have medium sized, graceful and lithe bodies with slim legs with their back ones being a little higher than their front legs. Feet are oval shaped and small. Tails are plumed, long being wider at the base but tapering to the tip.

When it comes to their points, their mask, ears, legs, feet and tails boast having a clearly defined colour that contrasts well with their body colour. A mature cat’s mask is connected by tracings to their ears whereas in kittens it does not. This only develops as cats mature. The colour of a cat’s tail might be a little lighter in colour because the hair on it is longer and therefore dilutes the actual colour.

The Balinese has a medium to long coat that consists of fine and silky hair without any undercoat. As such the hair lies close to a cat’s body. The hair around a cat’s chin, neck and tail stands out a little and may form a frill which is natural and acceptable although no frill is preferred under the GCCF breed standard. The Balinese does not usually grow their full coat until they are mature cats. The accepted breed colours are as follows:

  • Seal Point
  • Blue Point
  • Chocolate Point
  • Lilac Point
  • Red Point
  • Cream Point
  • Apricot Point
  • Caramel Point
  • Tortie Point
  • Seal Tortie Point
  • Blue Tortie Point
  • Chocolate Tortie Point
  • Lilac Tortie Point
  • Caramel Tortie Point
  • Tabby Point
  • Seal Tabby Point
  • Blue Tabby Point
  • Chocolate Tabby Point
  • Lilac Tabby Point
  • Red Tabby Point
  • Cream Tabby Point
  • Caramel Tabby Point
  • Apricot Tabby Point
  • Tortie Tabby Point
  • Seal Tortie Tabby Point
  • Blue Tortie Tabby Point
  • Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point
  • Lilac Tortie Tabby Point
  • Caramel Tortie Tabby Point

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