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Bengal Cat Breeds


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The Bengal boasts being a handsome, eye catching medium to large breed not only because of their lovely marbled or spotted coats, but also because of their elegant, muscular and well balanced appearance. They always have an alert, keen expression which when paired to their friendly, affectionate natures, makes them dependable companions and great family pets. Females tend to be that much smaller than their male counterparts, but both carry their tails low much like a wild cat would.

They have broad, wedge-shaped heads with nice rounded contours. Their heads are a little longer than they are wide with cats having lovely high cheek bones. A Bengal’s head is small in relation to the rest of their body without it being too extreme. When seen in profile, there’s a slight curve from a cat’s forehead to the bridge of their noses which are broad and large. Muzzles are full and broad with cats having a strong, rounded chin and very pronounced whisker pads which adds to their overall “wild” appearance. They have thick, muscular necks with mature males having quite obvious jowls.

Ears are small to medium in size being wider at the base with rounded tips. They are set well apart on a cat’s head and boast having a small amount of furnishing on them. They have round to oval shaped, large eyes that are set with a slight slant towards the base of a cat’s ears.

Bengals have long, muscular and sleek bodies with well-rounded and nicely developed hindquarters which are a little higher than their shoulders. They have medium length, strong and muscular legs with their back ones being that bit longer than their front legs. Paws are nice and round being large in size. Tails are moderately long and thick with a rounded tip to them.

When it comes to their coat, the Bengal boasts having a short to medium length coat that’s extremely dense, soft and luxurious to the touch. Kittens tend to have slightly longer coats than mature, adult cats.

Spotted Bengals

Spotted Bengals have a distinct letter “M” on their foreheads found above distinctly outlined eyes. They have a complex scarab marking on each side of their heads from with broken spots or streaks running down their necks and over their shoulders before they turn into “rosettes”.

The rosettes are made up of a part circle of spots found around a lighter coloured centre. Cats have very distinct chin straps, broken or unbroken necklets and mascara markings together with horizontal streaks or spots on their shoulders. Their under bellies can be spotted and their legs can also have broken horizontal spots and/or lines on them. A Bengal’s tail has rings, spots and/or streaks along the whole length with a dark, solid colour at the tip.

Marbled Bengals

A cat’s spectacles extend to vertical streaks outlined by the letter “M” on their forehead. Cats have broken streaks that run on either side of a complex scarab marking and over their heads right down to their necks and then onto their shoulders. They have well defined chin straps, strong mascara markings and very distinct unbroken or broken necklets together with undefined horizontal streaks on their shoulders. The patterns in their coats are well defined, but not symmetrical which is how cats get their “marbled” look.

A cat’s stomach is spotted with the exception being in Blue-Eyed Snow kittens. Cats can also have spots or broken horizontal lines on their legs and tails can be ringed, spotted and/or marbled its whole length but always with a solid dark tip.

The different variations in a Bengal’s coat colour are as follows:

  • Brown (Black) Spotted
  • Brown (Black) Marbled
  • Blue-Eyed Snow Spotted
  • Blue-Eyed Snow Marbled
  • AOC-Eyed Snow Spotted
  • AOC-Eyed Snow Marbled
  • Black Silver Spotted
  • Black Silver Marbled
  • Blue-Eyed Silver Snow Spotted
  • Blue-Eyed Silver Snow Marbled
  • AOC-Eyed Silver Snow Spotted
  • AOC-Eyed Silver Snow Spotted

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