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Best Cat Food For Persian Cats. The Ultimate Food Guide 2020


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Knowing exactly what Persian Cats eat is difficult because there are many types of food out there that are suitable for all cats. However, we have narrowed down the foods that will benefit your Persian and also taste great.

In this article, we will discuss what Persians like to eat. They especially love to eat protein, found in quality wet and dry foods. We will take a look at wet food, dry food, kitten food and even some treats for your special cat. Persians need a high protein, low carb diet, and also need to include a few fats and avoid “fillers” sometimes found in cheaper foods.

We will take a look at what makes a cat food good enough nutrition-wise and also what to avoid when shopping around for food. Keep on reading to learn all you need to know about feeding your Persian. Also, we will show you 7 foods that are highly recommended for Persian cats!


A cat is a cat, no matter what the breed is. They love meat just like their big cat relatives in the wild. Persians require a balanced diet which a variety of quality wet and dry foods can provide them. You should provide your Persian a balance of fats, proteins, carbs, minerals and of course, vitamins.

Persians like to eat wet and dry food alike. Dry food is advantageous because it is easy to store and costs less than canned food.

Wet food has that meaty goodness cats enjoy, but it can spoil rather quickly if not eaten in time. We also find that canned food is typically less energy-dense than dry cat food.

Persian cats love protein; all cats are strict carnivores and must eat other animal products to keep healthy and stay up on all their nutrients. They need three times the protein of an omnivore to stay healthy.

After all, cats break down these valuable proteins into amino acids, which are used for energy for play, self-care, and general good health. Cats are great because they make all 22 of the amino acid types they need on their own, but 11 of these must come from food.

This is yet another reason why these animals need foods with animal proteins and why owners must carefully read all labels before purchasing pet food.


When shopping around for food, be sure to look at the labels of what you’re interested in. There are some things that Persians simply do not need a lot of. For instance, carbohydrates are not actually needed as part of a cat’s diet.

Cats do not actually have a dietary need for carbs. Due to the lack of enzymes produced in a cat’s body that are used for breaking down and using carbs, they should be avoided completely or kept to a minimum in your cat’s food.

Also, the enzyme amylase is not present in cats; this is an enzyme that would normally be found in the saliva.

Be sure you also avoid foods that indicate corn or other grain meals as the first ingredient. Given that we know cats are carnivores, they should be eating meat as their primary food. Therefore, avoid those cheap foods with fillers like corn in them.

You should also avoid foods with BHA, BHT, rendered fat and any food dyes. BHA and BHT are chemicals and are known to the State of California as being carcinogenic.

Food dyes, especially Blue 2, Yellow 5 and 6, and Red 40 are known to cause behavior problems and even cancer in human beings. Pets do not need their food to be brightly colored in order to attract them.

Meanwhile, rendered fat provides a better flavor for kibble, but is known to contain salmonella and even some toxins. Furthermore, if moisture gets into a dry food bag, mold can form and thrive thanks to this rendered fat.

Lastly, if you see Propylene Glycol (known as PG) in any of your pet foods, discard them immediately. PG is moistener and mostly found in dog food. However, it is a derivative of EG (ethylene glycol) which is antifreeze.

Antifreeze kills cats and dogs every year and it takes a very small amount to kill a cat. Keep PG out of your cat’s diet-and keep the antifreeze far away from your pet too, for that matter.


Persian cats love proteins because they are things that taste great: beef, poultry, and fish. We know they love to eat them.

However, let’s talk about other things your cat needs to live a full life. These are things she loves but doesn’t know she loves them. They are, after all, the building blocks to a healthy body and beautiful coat.


This is a concentrated energy source that helps transport nutrients and make good use of them, too. It aids in regulation of metabolism and also cell integrity. Saturated fats are found mostly in animal products and polyunsaturated fats are found in plants.


Minerals like Fluorine, copper, iron, magnesium, and calcium, among many others, are necessary for Persians to maintain good pH balance, oxygen transportation, and nutrient use.

Minerals often work together in a synergistic way and getting them to your cat through her diet is very important.


Vitamins are necessary for regulation of the animal’s metabolism and also for growth. Cats get these through their food, and the body synthesizes them so the cat can enjoy their benefits.

Although this article centers on food and not what Persian cats like to drink, we would like to take a moment to explain the importance of always keeping fresh, clean water nearby for your cat.

Having water will prevent your Persian from becoming dehydrated. If your cat was ever to become dehydrated, they could contract bladder issues or even kidney diseases and feline UTIs.

Therefore it is best to ensure you have ample supplies of water around the house and be sure they are not near the litter box.

Even if your cat likes to sip the drips of water coming from the sink, be glad she is getting some hydration-it’s important for good health.


Now we will discuss different types of foods Persians like, broken down by life stage. We will start with kitten food and go up from there, ending with some treats you can give.

Some owners believe that dry food is unhealthy and wet food is the only way to go. The reality is that a mix of wet and dry food for your Persian makes for a good balance.

If you have a Persian, or any cat for that matter, with urinary tract issues, kidney disease or feline diabetes, wet food can be a big help thanks to its moisture content.

It can help cats with these issues stay hydrated, as their thirst tends to dissipate when they contract these diseases. More research is currently needed on this topic, but the extra moisture certainly provides some help.

Thankfully, there are great foods in all categories, and we have listed a few here for your consideration.


Young cats and kittens are growing at a quick rate and need quality food that will keep up with their active and playful lifestyles. Here, we have a wet and dry food choice that will keep your kitten feeling great.


Blue Buffalo is known for being a company that pours heart, soul, and care into making their pet foods great and healthy for all animals.

This kitten pate is no exception. It comes in a convenient pack of 24, great for a healthy and growing kitten or two. These small cans pack a huge punch when it comes to nutrition, containing chicken, garden veggies, and fruits filled with antioxidants.

There are also no by-products, including corn, gluten, or soy. There are also none of the artificial colors or preservatives. Blue Buffalo is a brand you will pay a bit extra for, but the nearly perfect reviews of this product and photos of many healthy kittens will reassure you.

One user even noted her “fur baby” had not had so much as a hairball, gotten sick or had issues with his stomach


Contains chicken, veggies and fruits to provide a well-rounded nutrient balance for kittens.
You can purchase a 24 pack of food.
Cats love the taste of the food.


The product boasts “Complex carbs” needed for energy-however cats do not need carbs.
Product is a bit more expensive than most others.
You can get the Healthy Gourmet Natural Kitten Pate here!


Wet foods provide that meaty taste cats crave. These two foods will be ones your cats love.


If your Persian kitten loved the taste of the Royal Canin dry food, try her out on this wet food for adults. This loaf in sauce wet cat food will have your cat running once that can opens up and will also meet the nutritional necessities of your Persian.

This is formulated for ages 1 year and up. This formula is designed to keep the beautiful coat of the Persian long, healthy and shiny. The skin of your cat will also look and feel healthy and soft thanks to the minerals and vitamins contained within the food.

This formula is great for cats who are picky eaters as it contains a smell and flavor cats simply can’t resist. It includes all the nutrients Persians need, like amino acids, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, and also plenty of great vitamins that promote digestion.


Great for the most picky eaters.
Promotes healthy and shiny coats for Persians.
Goes great with Royal Canin dry cat food, too.


Only comes in packs of 12-larger buying options would be nice.
Only one flavor offered for the canned Persian adult food.


Royal Canin has come through again with a great dry food just for Persian kittens aged up to 12 months old. It will exceed all the nutritional needs of your kitten easily and is excellent to pair with a quality wet food.

This particular dry food is best at supporting a young cat’s immune health by way of its antioxidant properties. Even cats’ digestive systems are supported with the formula’s proteins as well as prebiotics.

You will also notice your Persian kitten’s hair growing beautiful and strong, as this food aids in the maintenance of healthy skin thanks to its inclusion of fatty acids and beneficial vitamins.

After all, Persians are renowned for their beautiful long hair- help your kitty look her best. Another great thing is the tiny kibble size, which is easy to eat for a younger kitten.


Persians are a flat-faced breed and use the bottoms of their tongues to pick up food-this food is easy for them to eat thanks to its size.
Aids in the coat maintenance of Persians-necessary because they are more apt to develop hairballs.
Is nutritionally balanced.


Very expensive dry food.
Bags do not come in a larger size than 3lb.


AvoDerm is a brand that is new to us, but users really loved it and over 200 favorable reviews don’t lie. There is much to love here, especially the three different flavors: tuna and crab, tuna with prawn, and tuna and chicken.

This food is completely grain-free and even features the use of avocados to aid in the development and maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and immune system.

This food can be given for all life stages, so if you prefer to start your kitten out on food she can eat for a lifetime, this is the way to do it. If your kitty likes this food, you can even check out some of the AvoDerm dry food, too.

The secret is the California avocados plus the top-quality protein that cats are sure to enjoy-real tuna, prawns and chicken are blended with avocados to deliver 20 different vitamins and minerals to your Persian cat.


All ingredients are real and safe for cats.
Formula is completely grain-free.
This cat food can be given at all life stages and comes in a 24 pack.


This cat food is top quality but does come at a higher price than store-bought pet foods.


This is a great food made with real chicken and free of grains which serve as fillers in most commercial cat food. This stuff has all the chicken cats want and aids them in staying full and maintaining their lean muscle.

This formula is also enhanced with vitamins and minerals and contains no by-products. This comes in a good size 12lb bag that will keep your Persian satisfied for a good while, and provide a nice supplement for their wet food, too.

Users gave plenty of favorable reviews for this food, and one that stood out to us was the user with senior cats aged 12 who were doing well on this particular food.

It’s formulated with all the stuff cats need like antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins-and is inspired by the Lynx-to help your regal Persian get the nutrients she needs but still get back to her wild roots.


Comes in a nice size 12lb bag.
Made with real chicken-cats will come running to eat it.
Formulated with all the nutrients adult cats need and inspired by what wildcats eat.


The price of the food is rather high.


This is a breed-specific cat food that is just perfect for Persians aged 1 year and up. Like the other great Royal Canin foods we looked at today, this one keeps the hair of the Persian long and shiny.

It does a great job in helping to manage hairballs and reduce their formation from the start. Digestive health is also improved thanks to the great proteins and prebiotics built right into the cat food.

There are two bag sizes to choose from, 3lb and 7lb. Both are rather small but have the nutrients needed to keep your cat in great shape.

The kibble is in the shape of a diamond, which helps Persians eat more easily. Remember, Persians use the undersides of their tongues to pick up the food, so this shape helps them along.


Great for cats with sensitive tummies as it aids in digestion.
Specially formulated to promote great Persian coat health.
Comes in 2 bag sizes.


No different flavors for cats to enjoy.
Food is more expensive than other brands


The beautiful oil-painting like art on these bags is what you first notice about the Kittles treats, the second is the over 900 favorable reviews from pet parents.

These treats will get your Persian excited and make a great reward for having their hair brushed or nails clipped, or just for a special little treat. They come in plenty of great flavors like Salmon and Cranberry or Duck and Cranberries.

After all, cranberry is good for urinary tract health and cats love meat, so it’s a win-win! You can buy them in plenty of sizes, so whether you have a big or small cat family, everybody can have a treat.

These treats won’t break a cat’s healthy diet as they are 2 calories each and include no grains or wheat. They come in fun star, heart and flower shapes and are tiny, so your Persian will have no trouble eating them up. They are made right in the USA and real meat is the #1 ingredient of all the Kittles treats.


Plenty of great flavors to choose from.
Less than 2 calories per treat.
No grains included.


Some treats are not available in all bag sizes.


These treats are high in protein and are freeze-dried so they stay totally fresh even as you work through them with your Persian. The ingredients are totally natural and feature free-range chicken and monkfish that was wild-caught.

All ingredients in these treats start raw, are flash-frozen without preservatives, and cats will go wild for these protein-rich treats. The mission behind Orijen’s preparation of cat food and treats is to feed felines as nature intended-fresh meats that mimic prey.

And even though this is classified as a treat, it is still nutritious for your Persian and makes for a great change of pace.


Includes fresh ingredients that are locally sourced.
Nutritious for your pet, even though it is a treat.
Inspired by what cats would eat in the wild.


These bags are small-a larger size would be nice.


As a human, you love to vary up your meals each and every day. Enjoying different foods is part of the spice of life and helps you get the nutrients you need.

The same goes for your cat-serving both wet and dry foods will benefit your cat and your wallet too. Dry food is typically cheaper and stores longer.

It is also packed with energy, meaning that a busy Persian who loves to play and explore can eat their calories quickly and get back to business.

However, it does have its drawbacks, such as having a low moisture rating (only about 10%) and having more carbs than we typically find with wet foods.

Wet food is the taste that cats crave and aids in getting them adequate water. Plus, wet food often comes in many different flavors cats can enjoy. Wet foods also feature more protein and fats from animal sources than do dry foods.

In short, it is a balancing act between the two types of food and also provides your feline the chance to try new and exciting meals more often.


Taking great care to choose the right food for your beautiful Persian is important. It may take a few extra moments to read the ingredients label-but it will be absolutely worth it as you enjoy your cat’s great health for years to come!

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