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Bloodhound Dog Picture


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It is thought that Bloodhounds originate from Western Europe and that they were first developed in France during the 12th century by the monks of Abbey St Hubert.  These dogs were highly prized by the monks for their proud appearance, their strength and for their stamina. In the 14th century, the breed was renamed from Chien St Hubert to Bloodhound. They were given this name because of their pure bloodlines and over the centuries, these hounds have worked alongside man tracking both animals and humans in challenging environments the world over.

The first records of Bloodhounds being seen on English shores dates from around the 13th Century, although the breed may have been around even earlier than that. What is known is that the Bloodhounds seen in England are believed to be descendants of those that were bred in France and those bred by the monks of St Huberts in Belgium.

Legend has it that a Bloodhound was used to track Robert the Bruce and William Wallace when they fled from the enemy. They were known as Sleuth Hounds because they were so highly skilled at tracking their prey whether beast or man along the Scottish borders right up to the end of the 16th Century.

By the 17th century, scientist Robert Boyle wrote a credited paper on Bloodhounds traits and their effectiveness in the field because he thought so highly of their skills at tracking down quarry with their acute sense of smell. However, the sport of deer hunting fell into decline when fox hunting with Beagles became popular and as such the popularity of Bloodhounds declined too.

Luckily, with the help of a few enthusiasts, the breed was saved from vanishing altogether although during World War I and World War II, their numbers fell dangerously low once again. Through the efforts and dedication of breed enthusiasts Bloodhounds were bought back from the brink of extinction which was achieved by importing dogs to the UK from France and other European countries. Today, these noble looking dogs are once again highly prized for their tracking abilities and the fact they make such wonderful companions for people who lead active, outdoor lives.

Interesting facts about the breed

  • Is the Bloodhound a vulnerable breed? No, they are one of the more popular hounds in the UK and have a large fanbase in other countries of the world too
  • Anyone wanting to share a home with a well-bred, healthy Kennel Club registered puppy may have to wait anything up to 2 years for the pleasure of doing so because there are long waiting lists and breeders can be very choosy as to who they sell one of their Bloodhound puppies to
  • Bloodhounds are used the world over for tracking people by the Police and other authorities
  • Their long ears, creases and fold on their faces and jowls serve an important purpose which is to help waft scents they pick up to their noses
  • Their name “Bloodhound” refers to the fact that early breeders kept a close eye on a hounds bloodlines to ensure they only produced the “best” hounds
  • Bloodhounds can track and follow a scent that’s 300 hour’s old
  • Bloodhounds are challenging to train even though they are such incredible trackers

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