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Burmese Cat Breeds


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The Burmese is a strong, elegant and athletic cat that boasts having a lovely, glossy coat. Their coats always appear to have a polished look about them which is one of the breed’s distinguishing traits. Although, athletic, the Burmese is quite a heavy cat, yet their legs are nice and slender. They have wedge-shaped heads that are well rounded at the top. Their ears are medium in size, set well apart and rounded at the tips matching the shape of their heads. They have large eyes which can be anything from a bright yellow right through to amber in colour and which are set well apart. Cats always have a keen, alert expression in their eyes which adds to their charming looks. They have wide cheek bones and quite blunt noses with a clear break in them. Males have more well developed jowls and thicker necks than their female counterparts.

They have moderately long, well-muscled bodies and nice strong chests which when seen in profile appears rounded. Backs are straight from a cat’s shoulders to their rumps. They have slender legs with their back ones being slightly longer than their front legs. Their paws are oval in shape and small. The Burmese has a straight tail that’s thicker at the base before it tapers to a rounded tip.

When it comes to their coat, the Burmese boasts having a short, fine, close lying, glossy coat that’s very satin-like to the touch. The sheen on a cat’s coat is always thought to be a sign of them being in good health. The colour on their under parts is always that much lighter than on the rest of their bodies, but the change in colour is always gradual and never abrupt. A cat’s ears and face can also be slightly darker and some Burmese have slight tabby markings on their faces as well as undefined markings on the rest of their bodies with the exception of on their sides and bellies. Coat colours include the following:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Brown Tortie
  • Blue Tortie
  • Chocolate Tortie
  • Lilac Tortie

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