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Chausie Cat Breeds


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The Chausie was bred to keep the physical characteristics of a Jungle Cat. They are medium to large in size with long legs and bodies. Their heads are a modified wedge shape and when seen from the front, they have a nice width with lovely high, long cheekbones. They have long muzzles which adds balance to their cheekbones. Their muzzles are nicely contoured with cats having full chins and puffy nose leathers which adds to their wild appearance.

Chausies have small to medium sized eyes with the bottom half being oval and which slant to the outer base of a cat’s ears. The top part of the eye is a lot flatter, but still a nice half oval shape. Eye colour can be gold or yellow with some cats having light green or hazel eyes. When seen in profile, a Chausie has a sloping forehead and their noses rise towards the tip which forms a slight bump just above a cat’s nose leather. They have large, upright, tall ears that are set at a slight angle on the top of a cat’s head. Their ears are quite wide from the base to the tip and Chausies have tufts on the tips of their ears, although some cats do not.

The Chausie has a moderately long and thick neck which adds to their graceful appearance. They have long, lean bodies and deep chests. Their legs are long showing a moderate amount of bone and their feet are medium in size and oval-shaped. Tails are quite short and moderately wide tapering slightly to the tip.

When it comes to their coat, the Chausie boasts having a short to medium length coat with the length being long enough so that two bands of ticking appear in their coats. Their coats are dense having a soft undercoats and slightly harsher topcoat. Black coated cats often have softer coats to the touch whereas black grizzled coated cats often have coarser coats. Chausies come in a variety of colours which are as follows:

  • Brown Ticked Tabby – a cat’s coat is mouse grey nearer the skin with a sandy grey or reddish gold base colour. Cats have two or three bands of darker ticking in their coats and tails, upper inside of the legs and hocks on back legs are nicely barred. Their necks can have necklaces or not and there should be a thumbprint on each of a cat’s ears that are lighter in colour. Eyes and muzzles are nicely outlined with an off-white colour. Their underbellies can be off white to sandy gold with a little flecking or speckling being allowed on their bellies.
  • Black – cats have a solid black coat
  • Black Grizzled Ticked Tabby – cats have a pattern in their coat that closely resembles that of a Jungle Cat. Each shaft of hair is banded with a lighter colour and end in a darker tip

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