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Do French Bulldogs Like To Cuddle?


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French bulldogs are cute and lovely dog breeds that are known for their loyalty and intimate connection for their owners. This is probably why french bulldogs became popular in Nottingham and England as a pet for lace workers way back in the 1800s. There are many questions that pertain to the characteristics of french bulldogs. And you may be wondering if you can come and cuddle up to your fur friend any time of the day. Or maybe you are looking for a companion dog for someone who just lost a loved one. Whatever the case, you may be wondering if French Bulldogs are ready to cuddle 24/7.

Do French Bulldogs Love to Cuddle? Yes, French Bulldogs love to cuddle. French Bulldogs were bred to be companion dogs. They were made to sit on the laps of lace makers in England. It is in their genes to cuddle. Plus, because of their anatomy, being a brachycephalic breed, they need more sleep than other breeds. Don’t be fooled though. They do have bouts of energy and need daily exercise.

Getting Started: It All Matters Where the French Bulldog is From

By saying, “where the french bulldog is from”, we don’t mean to say that it should come from France or any other country (duh). What we mean to say is that if you are planning to buy a french bulldog puppy, the chances of it loving to cuddle when it matures is according to the place where you bought it.

If possible buy a french bulldog from parents that had been health tested and had been trained well. Ideally, the parents must hold the French bulldog Health Scheme Certificate. The reasons for this are the following:

  • Puppies from healthy and trained french bulldog parents are easy to take care of
  • Puppies from healthy and trained french bulldog parents can be easily trained
  • Puppies from healthy and trained french bulldog parents have high chances of loving to cuddle.

We recommend that if you want a bulldog that loves to cuddle you refrain from buying puppies through a pet shop, a puppy farm, internet sales websites, a puppy broker, or from free newspapers. French bulldogs that love to cuddle are mostly bought from reputable breeders, The reason for this is simple: dog breeders strive to produce french bulldogs with good temperament, good health, and good upbringing.

Usually, french bulldogs bought from reputable breeders love to cuddle because they have a lineage of even tempered bulldogs and they will be socialized from day one to get along with owners and help them to bring out the very best of their homes.

Know the Basic Breeders Standards

There are various breeders standards in determining if a french bulldog loves to cuddle. A breeder’s standards describe the ideal characteristics, temperament, and appearance of a breed and ensure that a breed is perfect for a specific function. This means that if you want to know if your french bulldog is perfect for cuddling or not then you should consider reading the following breeder standards.

A French bulldog that loves to cuddle is one which:

  • has a sturdy, compact, solid general appearance with a good bone structure. Furthermore, the coat must be short and smooth to prevent the owner from suffering to asthma as he cuddles the french bulldog. French bulldogs with respiratory distress can be trained to cuddle but are not recommended.
  • must have courageous and clown-like characteristics. This makes it easier for the french bulldog to cuddle with strangers.
  • must have a vivacious, affectionate, and intelligent. Most french bulldogs who love to cuddle have these three temperaments as study shows.
  • the head must be square in appearance and is just right for dog’s size-not too large or too small. Skull must be nearly flat between ears. The forehead must be domed and the skin covering the skull and forehead should be elastic enough so that it allows fine wrinkling when the dog is alert. At the same time, the flexibility of the skin also makes the french bulldog more cuddly in appearance.
  • interacts well with other dogs and does not exhibit unruly behavior.
  • must be calm when being handled and do not get agitated easily when picked by other people apart from the owner.

It’s Not the Dog, It’s You

Another thing that determines if a french bulldog loves to cuddle is you. French bulldogs only love to cuddle when their owners are responsible and are attentive to their needs. There are many things that you need to know about the vital needs of french bulldogs. For starters, you need to know that french bulldogs don’t love the heat. Heat makes them weak, irritable, and can also make them very sick. If you are planning to own or is raising one right now you should consider having a cool spot at home where your french bulldog can chill out.

Exercise is another thing that french bulldogs really need. Why? this is because french bulldogs tire easily and are always at the mercy of various diseases. Do not expect your french bulldog to cuddle you if he or she is fatigued and sickly. To avoid fatigue and sickness, exercise is crucial. It helps the french bulldog develop strength and boost his immune system. They also do have bouts of energy and are very playful. If your French Bulldog hasn’t expended that energy, they won’t be ready to cuddle.

Food is a necessity that all dogs need and this is ultimately true for french bulldogs. French bulldogs have sturdy, compact and sensitive bodies which means that the right diet for them is crucial. Apart from this, the food that french bulldogs eat contributes to their mood and temperament. Try giving your french bulldog a variety of food packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Avoid sticking to regular dog food and go for customized meals instead. This surely will make your french bulldog happier.

Apart from food and shelter, you should know that the environment where the french bulldog lives contribute to his chances of cuddling. This is because french bulldogs are highly empathetic dogs and they detect the emotions of people around them easily. This is why if you want your french bulldog to cuddle you then you should raise him in a positive environment.

Take him out for regular walks and let him get used to strangers. Shower your french bulldog with love by giving him toys and treats. Most importantly, do not inflict physical harm to your french bulldog if he commits mistakes.

How To Train Your French Bulldog to Cuddle?

Not all French bulldogs are the same. Some French bulldogs just want to be close to their companion and others need that affection to feel safe and secure. If your French bulldog isn’t on the cuddly side, you can teach them a little about how great cuddling can be. Cuddling can be taught to a french bulldog by the following ways:

  • allow him to sleep with you on the bed
  • take a stroll with the french bulldog regularly to get energy out so they are ready to lay down
  • pick him up occasionally and hug him and be excited to see them
  • allow your friends to put him in their laps
  • avoid hurting the french bulldog physically or emotionally

What does Cuddling Mean for French Bulldogs?

Cuddling is an act of french bulldogs that owners love but rarely understand at all. If you think that your french bulldog cuddles you because he or she just loves to do it then you are wrong. Cuddling has a deeper meaning than you might think. The following are the possible messages that your french bulldog’s cuddle might have:

  • french bulldogs show trust to their owners by cuddling
  • french bulldogs show affection to their owners by cuddling
  • french bulldogs show gratitude to their owners by cuddling
  • french bulldogs cuddle owners to let them know that they need something
  • french bulldogs cuddle owners to show that something is wrong
  • french bulldogs cuddle owners to show protection and care
  • french bulldogs cuddle to comfort their owners
  • french bulldogs sometimes cuddle to show that they are happy

Benefits of Cuddling for You and Your French Bulldog

There are many benefits that cuddling gives you and your french bulldog. Such benefits are mainly emotional or physical and do wonders for your everyday life. The following are the benefits that cuddling brings:

  • Cuddling allows you and your french bulldog to have a deeper bond
  • Cuddling makes your french bulldog more attached to you
  • Cuddling your french bulldog relieves stress
  • Cuddling your french bulldog allows both of you to foster a pet-owner relationship
  • Cuddling your french bulldog makes your day happier
  • Cuddling your french bulldog gives you a sense of being complete

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