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Do Maine Coon Cats Need Extra Care?


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Main Coon cats are well-loved not only for their personality but for their lovely coats as well. They are stunning cats that are a pleasure to be around. Taking care of your Maine Coon Cat is certainly not a difficult process that really does not require any more care than any other medium to long haired cat requires.

Their thick, long silky fur can easily mat around the ears and toes, so a regular grooming session will keep their fur from matting up. Start a grooming regiment as a kitten so that it will become simply the normal course of the day for him/her. It is important that the tail and hind quarters are brushed regularly. Unfortunately, most cats are not very happy with this part of the grooming session but if you start them off at an early age then there should not be much of a challenge.

Scratching Posts

Your Maine Coon cat has really large paws with really sharp claws (or they will someday), so it is strongly suggested that you provide them with several scratching posts so that they can work their claws regularly.

It is not only good exercise for them, it is a necessity to keep their claws up to par AND it will help to protect your furniture!

Gentle Giants

These cats can get big and a lot of people mistake their large size for being overweight. In most cases if your cat has access to enough stimulation they will exercise away the weight, but if they are somewhat on the lazy side then you do want to make sure you feed them a diet that is fat free. A good quality dry cat food is your best option to insure a healthy cat.

You also want to be sure that there is an adequate supply of fresh water in several locations. Their large body size can take a toll on their kidneys, so the best way to keep problems at bay is to encourage plenty of fluid intake. It is also a good idea to set up kitty litter boxes in a few different locations.

These gentle giants are known to be somewhat docile, so you do want to assist them in getting up and playing by buying toys that will grab their interest and encourage them to run around a bit. Socialize them often to other people to keep them interested.

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