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Labrador Retriever_ Large Dog Breed


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Height at the withers: Males 56 – 61 cm, Females 56 – 61 cm

Average Weight: Males 29 – 36 kg, Females 25 – 32 kg

The Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium to large size dog that is broad and deep through the chest and ribs. They possess strong and compact webbed feet which are perfect for the hours Labrador Retrievers generally enjoy spending in water and marshlands. Their coats are thick, dense and extremely water-resistant perfect for the environments they were bred to work in and they boast otter-like tails.

The Labrador Retriever’s coat is short and, unlike a Golden Retriever, has no feathering at all, while the tail, a defining characteristic of the breed, is powerful and rudder-like being thick at the base before tapering away at the tip. Labradors are primarily a solid yellow, black or liver/chocolate in colour. However, the yellow variety ranges from a light cream to a red ‘fox’ colour, sometimes displaying a white spot in the chest area.

Eyes are usually brown or hazel and medium in size with most breeders claiming they express an even temper and intelligence the breed is renowned for. Ears are pendant shaped and while not too large or heavy, they hang neatly and close to a dog’s head. A Labrador’s nose can vary in colour according to coat colour with yellow dogs typically displaying a black nose and a Chocolate Labrador having a lighter brown one. However, it is not uncommon for nose colours of any Labrador to fade as dogs mature and this is not considered a fault in the show ring.

Their wide muzzle contains a set of strong teeth with a bite which should meet with scissor-like precision, enabling a ‘soft mouth’ in the field capable of holding game firmly, yet gently without causing any damage to any animals or birds they are sent to retrieve.

When it comes to their coat and colours, Labrador Retrievers can be the following which are all accepted breed colours under the Kennel Club breed standard:

  • Solid black
  • Solid yellow
  • Solid liver/chocolate

It is worth noting that the shade of a yellow Lab’s coat can be light cream to a deeper red fox. Labrador Retrievers often have a white spot on their chests which is allowed under the Kennel Club breed standard.


Labrador Retrievers have a free moving gait and they cover a good amount of ground. When they move, it is always straight and true both in their forequarters and their hind quarters.


Dogs that display any departure from the accepted Kennel Club breed standard would be thought of as a fault and depending of the seriousness of the fault could be considered as being detrimental to a Lab’s well-being and health as well as their ability to work.

Male Labrador Retrievers should have two normal testicles that are fully descended into their scrotums.

It is worth noting that the size of a Labrador Retrievers as described by the Kennel Club are to be used as guidelines only and that Labs can be smaller or larger, they can also weigh a little more or a little less than stated in their breed standard which is to be used as a guideline only.

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