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Ocicat Cat Breeds


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Ocicats have a wild look about them thanks to their golden and ivory spotted coats. They are in fact a man-made medium to large size cat and do not have any “wild” genes in their ancestry at all. They have long, well-muscled bodies with their tails being just as long. They are extremely graceful when they move and very attractive with their spots being distinctively placed each side of their bodies, across their shoulders, their hindquarters and down a cat’s legs. They also have nicely spotted bellies.

Their heads are a modified wedge, being longer than they are wide and having a slight curve from their cheeks to their muzzles with a distinct, yet gentle rise from the bridge of a cat’s nose to their brow. When seen in profile, there’s a slight dip, but no nose break. Muzzles are well defined and broad being rather square when seen in profile and being longer than they are wide. Chins are firm and strong with cats having strong jaws and level bites. They have a slight whisker pinch and cats carry their heads elegantly thanks to their arched necks. Males tend to have more of a jowl than their female counterparts.

Their ears are moderately large being wider at the base and set at an angle on their heads, not too high or too low and with a good width between them. The tips of their ears are nicely rounded with vertical tufts on the tips. Some cats don’t have tufted ears which is acceptable under the GCCF breed standard. Their eyes are almond-shaped being large with a slight upwards angle towards a cat’s ears. Eyes can be any colour with the exception of blue.

They have solid, well-muscled, long bodies that show a good amount of bone with rather broad, deep chests. They have straight backs which are slightly higher at their back-ends which adds to a cat’s athletic look. Ocicats are much heavier than they appear with females being a little smaller than their female counterparts. Their legs are well-muscled and moderately long being powerful and well in proportion to the rest of a cat’s body. Paws are nicely compact and oval shaped. Their tails are quite long and well in proportion to the body being broader at the base with only a slight amount of tapering to the tip which adds to their “wild” appearance.

When it comes to their coat, the Ocicat boasts having a short, close-lying coat which boasts being extremely lustrous and which is satiny in texture. They come in various colours which are as follows:

  • Tawny – with or without silver
  • Chocolate – with or without silver
  • Cinnamon – with or without silver
  • Blue – with or without silver
  • Lilac – with or without silver
  • Fawn – with or without silver
  • Classic Tabby (striped) coat pattern

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