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Russian Blue Cat Breed Facts.


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Like a lot of other breeds, the Russian likes a routine and doesn’t particularly like it when this changes for any reason. They like to be fed at the same time of the day and don’t appreciate it when any furniture gets moved around the home. With this said, Russians are known to be gentle by nature and boasts having a “quiet” voice except when a female is in season that is which is when they can be extremely vocal much like other breeds.

They are known to be extremely affectionate without being overly demanding which has seen the breed become a popular companion for elderly people. They are also known to be tolerant by nature which in short means, they are also good around children and don’t get too upset when a younger child plays with them a little roughly. Russians will wriggle their way of a child’s grasp rather than use their claws to getaway.

Russians like other breeds enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, however, cats should only be allowed outside if it is safe for them to do so. The good news is that Russians adapt well to living as indoor pets as long as they are given enough mental stimulation to keep their minds occupied when they are not catnapping that is. They are ideally suited to households where at least one person stays at home when everyone else is out of the house or where there are other family pets.

They tend to be a little reserved around people they don’t already know, preferring to observe them first which often means that people think Russians are aloof and reserved. However, once a cat decides a person is worthy of their attention, they go right up to them to say “hello”. They adore being petted and given as much attention as they can get when their owners are around. It is quite natural for a Russian to sit on a computer keyboard when their owners are trying to type just to get their attention. With this said, they are not clingy by nature and are quite happy to be left on their own as long as it is not for an extended period of time

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