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Siberian Cat Breeds


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The Siberian is a very attractive, semi-longhair cat that boasts having an extremely weather-resistant double coat which tends to be a lot longer and thicker during the colder winter months than it is in the summertime. They are powerful looking, but when needed they are extremely agile on their feet and very capable of leaping to great heights. Females tend to be noticeably smaller and lighter than their male counterparts.

Their heads are large but nicely in proportion with the rest of their bodies and they are wedge shape with nicely rounded contours. Muzzles and chins are slightly rounded too. A cat’s lower forehead is a little domed and when seen in profile there is a slight concave curve at the bridge of a cat’s nose. They have nicely developed whisker pads which adds to their charming appearance. Cat have well defined cheekbones which extend to the outer base of each ear and which are low set and broad being connected to a cat’s whisker pads and chins which results in their foreign looks.

Their ears are medium in size with rounded tips being set nicely apart and well furnished. The Siberian has lovely large, oval shaped eyes which are set a little obliquely and nicely apart. Eyes can be any colour, however, in van and white patterned cats, eyes should only be blue or odd coloured and colourpoints should have blue eyes.

They have rectangular bodies that are never too long. However, a cat’s body is medium to large and well-muscled with nice broad chests. Their necks are short, but powerful and legs are nicely in proportion to a cat’s body being moderately long and showing a good amount of bone. Siberians, as previously mentioned boast having very large round paws with tight toes which are nicely tufted adding to a cats overall wild heritage. Tails are broader at the base, moderately long and very well furnished tapering slightly to the tip.

When it comes to their coat, the Siberian boasts having a dense, extremely weather resistant double coat that consists of a thicker top coat and much softer undercoat. Their coats are semi-long with the hair being shorter over a cat’s shoulders whereas their flowing guard hairs cover a cat’s back, their flanks and upper side of their tails. A cat’s underside and their breeches consist of just the undercoat which is dense and plush. The longer hair around a cat’s neck forms a dense and profuse ruff.

Siberians come in a variety of colours and patterns which includes the following:

  • Chocolate – a cat’s coat can be various shades of chocolate
  • Cinnamon – a cat’s coat can be various shades of cinnamon
  • Caramel – a cat’s coat can be various shades of caramel
  • Colour pointed – Neva Masquerade
  • Bi-colour
  • Tri-colour
  • Tabby

Siberians are allowed to have any amount of white in their coats which is acceptable under the GCCF standard. This includes having white paws, white on their bellies and blazes on a cat’s face.

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