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Singapura Cat Breeds


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The Singapura boasts being one of the smallest cats on the planet. They have a very foreign look about them with their large eyes, big ears and warm sable nicely ticked coats. They don’t fully reach their full size until they are around two years old, but even then they are still extremely small cats. They have nicely rounded heads with a good width between their ears and large eyes which all adds to the breed’s foreign appearance. Their muzzles are moderately short and broad with cats having a well-defined whisker break. Noses are rather blunt and when seen in profile, there is a slight stop a little below their eye level. Their chins are nicely developed with cats having a straight line from the nose right to their chins.

A Singapura’s ears are large being wide open at the base and deeply cupped. They have very large eyes that are set nicely apart on a cat’s face and which slant when closed or partially open. Their eyes have a lovely dark outline around them and can be anything from hazel, green or yellow in colour.

They boast having medium length bodies that are lithe, firm and well-muscled. Their legs are muscular, tapering down to a cat’s small feet which are oval-shaped. Tails are slender and moderately long without being whippy and which boast having a blunt tip.

When it comes to their coat, the Singapura boasts havign a short, close-lying coat that’s short, fine and extremely silky to the touch. Their colouring is as follows:

  • Body colour should be golden ivory with a warm look about it and ticked throughout with sepia brown

Each hair has at least 2 bands of ticking which is separated by lighter coloured bands. The hair is lightest closer to a cat’s skin and darkest at the tip. Their muzzle, stomach, chest and the inside of their legs are a lighter ivory without ticking. However, on the inside of their front legs and back knees cats should have some barring. The tip of the tail is dark with the colour going down towards a cat’s upper side. Cats can also have a line down their spines which is acceptable under the GCCF standard of points. Their noses are nicely outlined with a darker pigment and cats have “Cheetah” lines that run from the inner corner of their eyes to a little behind their whisker pads. Singapuras have nice brown paw pads and brown spurs on the lower part of their back legs.

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