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The Cornish Rex Cat’s Appearance


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The Cornish Rex is a small to medium size cat that boasts a rather unique appearance thanks not only to their body shape, but to their very different coats too. They are extremely athletic looking and with their long back legs, are more than capable of jumping to great heights. They have wide, wedge-shaped heads and very high cheekbones that narrow gently to a nicely rounded muzzle. They have firm chins and large, wide ears set high on the head. Their ears are nicely rounded at the tips which adds to their endearing looks. When seen in profile, the Cornish Rex appears to have quite a flat skull that curves a little at the brow before continuing in a straight line right to the tip of a cat’s nose.

They have medium size, oval-shaped eyes that boast having a slight slant which gives them a unique sultry look about them. Their necks are elegant and their bodies are slender, muscular and moderately long. They have very slender, long legs which gives them the appearance of being tall. Paws are oval-shaped and on the small side. The Cornish has a long, fine tail that tapers to the tip. Tails are nicely covered in wavy hair its full length.

When it comes to their coat, the Cornish Rex boasts having quite a unique wavy coat that’s short, silky to the touch and dense without any guard hairs. The hair all over their bodies can consist of curls, waves or ripples which is particularly evident on a cat’s back and on their sides. The hair on their head, neck, over their shoulders and on their legs is often too short to show any sort of wave or curl, but their whiskers and eyebrows are always curly or crinkly and they can be quite long. The Cornish Rex only grows their full coats when they are around three years old which is when they really look their best.

The Cornish Rex can be just about any colour and they can have many pattern combinations in their coats which is acceptable under their GCCF breed standard and this includes the following as well as many others:

  • Bicolour
  • Tortoiseshell

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