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Turkish Angora Cat Breed


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The Turkish Angora is a beautiful cat that boasts having a semi-long coat that’s super soft and silky to the touch. Although their hair is semi-long, rarely do their coats become matted or knotted which means they are low maintenance on the grooming front. Their coats tend to be shorter and less dense during the summer months, but as soon as the cold sets it, a Turkish Angora‚Äôs coat grows longer. They are well balanced cats and when they move, they do so gracefully with males being that much heavier and larger than their female counterparts.

The Turkish Angora has a small to medium sized head that’s a slightly modified wedge shape, but with flat planes. They have large, walnut-shaped eyes that slant a little upwards. Cats always have a kind, open expression in their eyes which adds to their endearing looks. Eyes can be any colour and do not necessarily have to match a cat’s coat colour. Their ears are wider at the base, being large and tufted as well as slightly pointed at the tips. Ears are set high on a cat’s head. Their chins are nicely rounded and firm being at a right angle to a cat’s nose.

Muzzles match the contours of a cat’s wedge-shaped head and when seen in profile there are two planes which consist of the flat top of a cat’s head and the line of the nose that meets at an angle a little above their eyes. They have slim, moderately long and elegant necks which adds to a cat’s graceful appearance.

The Turkish Angora boasts having a long, slim body that’s foreign in type with their shoulders being the same width as their hips. Chests are narrow with a cat’s rump being a little higher than their shoulders. They have long, elegant legs with their back ones being longer than their front legs. Feet are oval shaped and small being nicely in proportion with a cat’s legs and their toes are tufted. Their tails are wider at the base and beautifully plumed. They taper to a narrow tip and are long, but nicely in proportion to the rest of a cat’s body.

When it comes to their coat, the Turkish Angora boasts having a semi-long coat with a small amount of undercoat. The hair on a cat’s body is moderately long and wavy on their bellies and the texture of the hair is fine and silky to the touch. Although the most well known colour is white, Turkish Angora come in a multitude of colours which includes the following:

  • Black angora
  • Blue angora
  • Cream angora
  • Red angora
  • Classic tabby
  • Mackerel tabby
  • Spotted tabby
  • Torbie/Patched tabby
  • Smoke
  • Shaded Turkish angora
  • Bi-colour
  • Blue cream
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Calico

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