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What Do German Shepherd Dogs or Puppies Like To play?


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Dogs love to play and they need a good amount of exercise to stay healthy. This is why you should know some games Which a German Shepherd puppy likes to play with.

There are a lot of fun games that you can play with your German Shepherd Puppies. We have Training Games like ( ” sit and stay”, “musical chairs”, “meet and greet”, “recall game” ), then you can play Boredom Busters, family fun games, Garden games and a lot more.

I am writing this post because when I bought my first German shepherd puppy I was also searching for Games that I could play With my German Shepherd puppy. keep reading because I am going to teach you a lot of fun Games to play with Your puppy.

A dog will be a great companion of yours but it is also our responsibility to take care of them and make their life full of fun and love. Here are some games that you can play with your German Shepherd Puppy.

Training Games

Sit and stay

This is a very useful fun and training Game. Make sure there is no one around that could distract your Puppy.

  • Put your dog on a leash and, look him in the eyes and say “sit”.
  • repeat the command if he did not follow it but this time push gently on his back to tell him what do you intend
  • Give him a treat when he does it right and do not use force

Once your German Shepherd puppy has learned how to “SIT” then teach him the “STAY” command. The target here is to get your dog to stay longer and you can move away from him without he follows you.

  • First of all make him sit
  • Then give him the command to stay
  • Try to move away from him
  • Stop if he follows you and repeat
  • Give him a treat when he starts following your command
  • repeat the exercise

Musical Chairs

This game is very funny to play with your Puppy.

  • place some mats on the floor
  • attach a leash to your dog’s collar
  • play the music
  • move your dog around the mats until the music stops
  • when the music stops ask your dog to stop and sit
  • then command him to “stay” until the music starts again
  • give him a treat at the end of each sit and stay

Some dogs learn very quickly but there are some who may take some time, just have patience.

To make it more interesting and funny game invite children to play with German Shepherd Puppy.

The Recall Game

This is an important Training Game. To play this you might need a friend or Family member.

  • Ask a family member or a friend to kneel down and hold the dog gently by his collar.
  • Move away from your dog and put your self in front of him and call your dog
  • when he comes to you give him a treat
  • when your dog learns how to play this game start involving other people.
  • hold gently your dog from the collar and ask your friend this time to call him.
  • make sure to not leave his collar until your friend do not call him
  • Play this game at least 3 to 4 times per week

This game is one of the best methods to train your puppy on command come and a great way also to play and have fun with him.

Fetch Game

This is a simple training type play game. Your German Shepherd puppy will love to play it.

You have to choose 2 simple toys with which your dog loves to play.

  • Give 1 toy to your friend and ask him to hide it
  • Show one identical toy to your dog and throw it
  • Then release your dog from the leash and say “FETCH”
  • Your dog will try to chase the toy and hopefully bring it back to you
  • At this point give him a treat otherwise if he does not follow your order just show him what he should do after you say “FETCH”.
  • Remember to give him treat only when he follows your command
  • Wait until he returns you the toy and ask your friend to throw the other one.
  • Give him a treat when he chase and return you the second toy

This game is a lot fun for your German Shepherd Pup. Try to play it at least 2 – 3 times a week.


This can be surprising. Do you know you can train your German Shepherd puppy to find out specific items like his toys or things he might love?

Once you train your Dog this will be a great game to play with him.

  • Take one ball and let your dog touch your ball then command ” touch the toy” in this way you got his attention and you are teaching him what it is called.
  • After repeating this exercise 5 to 10 times hide the toy in an easy place.
  • Now tell your dog to find the toy.
  • When he finds it gives him love and treat and let him play with the ball. Give him a reward if possible.
  • After a few times start hiding the ball in some place where it is difficult to found.
  • After a few times, you will see your dog will improve his recognition power.

To improve furthermore your dog’s skills and recognition power try to do the same exercise with different items. Your German Shepherd puppy will start to enjoy it.

Play Dead

This is a very cool game that uses the down command.

  • For start just ask your German Shepherd Puppy to sit down and reward him when he does so.
  • Point your fingers to him and say “BANG” and move it in a circular motion near to his head to try to get him to roll onto his back.
  • If he does follow your command give him a treat.

This game is a little bit though and can require a little bit of your patience but after some repeated exercises you will see that he will learn. Do not try more than 10 – 15 repetition each time because the dog can become bored.

Find A Person With A Name

When your German shepherd puppy is good with finding the items it is time to teach him your friends and family members name so he can find them too.

Your German Shepherd Puppy will love to play with your friends and family members.

  • Ask a family member or friend to participate in the game.
  • Tell them to show a treat to the Pup.
  • Then tell them to walk away and hide.
  • Command your puppy ” Find MUM” and let him go.
  • Your MUM should give him a treat as soon as he found her.

After a short break repeat this exercise and ask your MUM to hide in different places. When your dog will learn the game HAVE FUN WITH HIM.

Run And Jump

This is a basic game to teach your dog basic obedience.

You should plan this game properly before playing it. You should organize your garden with some cones, find some wood pieces where the puppy can Ramp. Now you can start.

  • Put your Dog on a leash and ask him to Run and follow him through his run and show him the way he should go.
  • Your objective is to take your dog over the jumps and running across the cones.
  • This exercise can be difficult and your dog can take a while to learn it.
  • Continue to run with him with the leash until he starts knowing what he should do.
  • The main goal is to teach him to run and jump without your help.
  • After some repeated exercises put your dog in the sit position and pull off the leash and ask him to run.
  • In the beginning run with him but then try to let him run alone.
  • When your dog gets tired or bored stop immediately and try again later.
  • As your dog gets more and more good start setting up a time to see if he can break his own record.

Build a Ramp with two buckets and 4 to 5 pieces of wood. Then put other woods which allows the dog to go up and down from the buckets ( make sure they are safe).

This will be a very fun game of up and down exercise.T

Become An Expert Magician With The Cup Game

The objective of this game is stimulating your dog mentally. This game is very enjoyable but your dog has to pay close attention.

  • Start with hiding a toy under a cup but make sure your German Shepherd Puppy knows where it is going.
  • Now ask your Dog to find the toy and wait and observe what he is doing.
  • Do not let him take the toy until he did not indicate the right cup
  • When he indicates the Right One then let him take the toy and let him play with it.
  • to take the game to the next level start adding more cups and start making the game hard.


The Last thing you want is that your German Shepherd Puppy Gets Bored of his life. To keep your dog happy you should stimulate him physically and mentally every day.

If you Start playing these Games regularly you will notice that your Dog will start becoming happier and mentally stable.

The incredible thing is that these games are easy to teach to your dog.

Teach your Dog to tackle a Funnel

Dogs are crazy about this game. This is a very easy way to have fun with your Dog. In this game, you can involve also other friends.

  • Take some large boxes
  • Open the bottoms and the top of the boxes and lay them down and put them together to form a Tunnel.
  • Make a small tunnel in the beginning because your Puppy has to be used to it.
  • Lead your dog through the tunnel and go on the other side and call him.
  • Give him a treat when he comes to you.


This is a very popular game also among us humans. I played it in my childhood and believe me the dogs also love it.

You can be surprised that your dog will enjoy to play it more than you.

  • Ask a family member or a friend to hold the dog for you.
  • Try to hide in easy to find places at the beginning.
  • Then call your Puppy to help him found you.
  • When your Puppy learns how to find you and get involved more in the game then you can start hiding in difficult places.
  • Make sure you always have the treat to give to your dog when he founds you.

Most Dogs have a strong smell power that can make easy for them to find you but puppies smelling capacity can be weak so help him find you if your puppy can’t.


This game is very much enjoyed by children and dogs. You should use a torch to play this game.

  • Encourage your dog to pounce on the batteries light.
  • Watch if he understands that he has to jump on the light.
  • Shout to encourage him every time like ” GET IT” or ” JUMP ON IT”.
  • Dogs easily understand this game and you will see he will start following the light and playing with it.
  • When your German Shepherd Puppy Understand the game then start moving the light faster and faster to add more excitement.
  • Stop when your Puppy gets tired or bored and reward him with a treat.

Puppies love Remote control cars

Dogs love running behind toys. It can be a car or something else that can be moved independently.

  • Catch your German Shepherd puppies attention by using the remote control car.
  • wait until you got his full attention.
  • The best way to catch his attention is to put the best treat of your dog on the remote control car so it will get him excited.
  • Encourage him to chase the toy and reward him with the treat if he do so.

I think this could become the best game of your German shepherd puppy. If you have more then one dog then try to involve both in the game and see if they become competitive but stop if they start hurting each other.


Running with your dog in a zig-zag way is a very fun game to play. This makes your dog and you bond better with each other.

  • Encourage your dog to engage with you on a one to one basis.
  • Then start running and dart left to right and maybe start reversing your direction while he is following you.
  • Your German Shepherd Puppy will love it and he will try to intuit what you are going to do next.

Playing this game with your puppy will refresh his mind and make him extremely happy.

Walk Fast

The walk is a very refreshing exercise for lungs, heart, and legs. In this game, you will use different speeds to make the regular walk more interesting.

  • Start walking normally alongside your German Shepherd Puppy.
  • Then try to walk slowly or faster then normal and let your puppy understand and adjust to your speed.
  • At first, Your puppy will look to your legs and try to understand what should he do.
  • Then ask a friend to take from leash your puppy and then you should walk away from him.
  • put your self in front of your puppy and command him to reach you as fast as he can.
  • Give him a treat when he reaches you.

It will be a great idea if you take your dog alongside you while jogging or running. Let him run beside you and you will see that he will enjoy a lot.

Family Fun Games

These are games where you can involve all the family together to play with Your German Shepherd Puppy.

Kids and Dogs bond together quickly but take them under supervision to avoid any kind of harm or accident.

In these Games, there are some rules for your kids that they should follow to play safely.

  • They must always behave gently with the dog.
  • Do not disturb the dog when he is eating and the kids should not pull his tail.
  • Teach them to reward the dog when the dog follows the command.

Now be ready to learn some exciting and great Family games to play with Your German Shepherd Puppy.

1 – Play tennis with Your Dog

This can look little silly but it is very funny game.

Do you like tennis? So why not involve your dog with you. You can ask a family member to join also.

  • This game should be played with a wall.
  • You and another family member should hit the ball against the wall and it is your puppy’s responsibility to bring it back when you miss it.

If your dog is barking too much during the game do not worry he is only excited.

Play Bingo !

This is very popular game In which your dog is a Bingo caller.

Here is how to play IT.

  • take 20 to 30 cardboard squares and fold them around a dog treat.
  • Put all of them in an empty plastic bowl.
  • On the empty part put numbers randomly from 1 to 30
  • Then give 6 sheets to your family members on which you write 5 numbers.
  • Then ask your dog to pick up a random cardboard
  • When he picks up then give him the reward and call the number
  • The Person who has that number written on the sheet should cross it.
  • Repeat the game until one of you have crossed all the numbers.
  • then that player calls bingo.

This is a very fun game to play on rainy days or when there is bad weather outside.

Garden Games for Dogs

As Your Dog Spends A lot Of time in the Garden I will teach you some activities and games that you can play there with your puppy.

Play with meaty bubbles !

Dogs love to play and chase Bubbles. You can Use ordinary bubbles for this but there are special ones available at dog stores.

  • Shoot in the air some bubbles in the air.
  • Let your dog chase them.
  • When he gets the idea start shooting more
  • Run around in the Garden and try to shoot them everywhere
  • Your dog will try to chase every bubble and he will enjoy a lot running around.

Don’t worry if he barks at the bubble because this is natural.

Train your German Shepherd dog to be a football Champion.

Dogs love balls because they can roll them easily and have fun.

  • Set up Your goalposts.
  • First of all, get your dog’s attention towards the ball
  • Try to kick the ball around and let your puppy do the same as he gets an idea of what should he do.
  • Try something like [who chases the ball first].
  • Then make your dog be aware of the goals and let him know that the objective is to put the ball in the goal.
  • This can take some time but if you put your effort he will learn.
  • Reward him all the time that your puppy scores a goal.

Hope you liked the post. If you like my hard work and effort to write please share it and leave a comment.

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